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TaeKwon-Do is based on the traditional concept that the art must be passed on from a teacher to his student. Since there was no other way to learn this art, the student / instructor relationship became an integral part of the teaching of TaeKwon Do. Even in our society today, this special relationship is recognized for its tremendous worth in shaping a student’s framework and perspective, not only for the practice of this art but for a way of living his daily life. We are but the products and reflections of our many teachers.

drawing of instructor and student Accordingly, a student is expected to pay as much respect to his teachers as he would to his parents. The student must strive to set aside any preconceived notions he may have regarding his instructor and concentrate on learning all he can from his teacher. It is immaterial whether the student knows the instructor in a different social or business setting, once in the Do Jang, the instructor assumes the role as the student’s senior. The student must therefore attempt to follow the instructor’s orders without hesitation and without trying to second guess the instructor. Without the elements of trust and mutual respect there can be no true student/instructor relationship.

A dedicated and sincere instructor is an absolute necessity for any Do Jang. The school cannot grow and mature without a cadre of equally dedicated and sincere students. Good teachers produce good students and good students produce good teachers. Therefore, the ability to maintain the proper attitude toward the instructor and the art of TaeKwon Do will often determine whether or not a student is able to realize his true potential. text of instructor and students relationship