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Advancing in Rank

Promotion tests are held at throughout the year. A promotion test is when the students will showcase his/her techniques and knowledge in front of a panel of blackbelts. They will be graded on their performance to decide if they are ready for their next rank. The head instructors from each school will pass out permission sheets to eligible students approximately one month prior to the test.

A student will be eligible if the following criterion is met:
  • Student has trained at least the minimum required number of classes for the session(s) required
  • Student has “mastered” his or her pattern designated for that rank
  • Student has sufficiently proven to the instructors all other techniques for that rank have been successfully accomplished – kicks, hand techniques, self-defense techniques, model sparring, etc.
  • Student has demonstrated good attitude and the ability to live by the tenets of TaeKwon-Do. Behavior outside of class will affect their testing status (e.g. misconduct, fighting, or any unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated).
  • Student (not adults) has maintained positive attitude in school, kept up with school assignments, and has his or her permission from their parent(s) and teacher(s) to test. A copy of children’s report cards is required.
  • Senior rank students (Blue Belts and above) have demonstrated they want to be role models to lower rank students, and help the instructors with classes, demonstrate the willingness to help others, and will be appropriate representatives of the Midwest Academy Of TaeKwon-Do.

For students who have had previous TaeKwon-Do training, you may ask the instructor for permission to wear your present rank or equivalent rank, but you will not be allowed to test for a higher rank until you have met all the requirements for the rank you hold.
You will receive specific rank requirements as you make new rank. Each rank will have a pattern, specific kicks, hand techniques, sparring techniques, self-defense techniques, etc. Please remember this is only a guideline – techniques and requirements re subject to change as the instructors of MATKD see fit. *Individual rank requirements are listed in the back of this handbook.
Promotion Tests will be held at the Centre of Elgin- Elgin, IL. They are typically scheduled quarterly on Saturday afternoons. If you are are given a testing sheet but cannot make it to the scheduled test date, please see Master Valin right away. Make up test will be at his discretion.
NOTE: Testing requirements will be adjusted due to age, injuries and other health reasons.
ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS Attendance In order to advance, students must meet the attendance requirements. On average you should be training 2 days per week for the duration required for your rank. Those who train less than 2 days a week may take longer to advance in rank. If you miss some classes due to illness, vacation, etc., you are encouraged to make it up on another night or at one of our other schools (no additional costs are involved). Make sure you sign the attendance sheet every class you attend.

All students are required to wear a uniform (dobok) in class and at testings. Gup ranks have an all white uniform; black belts have a white top with black trim, and black pants. Only patches approved by Mast Valin are permitted to be worn on the uniforms.

Protective Gear
The following list is required for all classes and tests:
  • Any students with glasses should wear sports glasses in the do-jang.
  • All males are required to wear a groin protector (cup) at all times. Women may wear one if they wish, but it is not required.
  • Rubber mouth guards are required for sparring/ground work.
  • Full set of sparring gear will be required for green belts and above when they start practicing contact drills.

Assisting with classes
Giving back to your school is a huge part of the martial arts. Once a student reaches the rank of 4th Gup (Blue Belt), we start expecting them to help teach the classes. At 2nd Gup (Red Belt) and 1st Gup (Black Stripe), we require the student to start assisting with classes 2 days a week along with training 2 days a week. If a student does not meet these requirements, they will not be eligible to test for their next rank.

Written Tests Knowledge of why we do what we do is one of the biggest parts of the arts. Our goal is to teach our students the mental skills and knowledge along with the physical skills. We want to assure that every student will be able to teach through words when their body no longer can do the physical skill. This is why a written test will be required for all students testing for all levels of black belts. This test is used as an assessment of the students knowledge on the history of Taekwon-Do and on the techniques we use everyday.