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You will learn numerous hand and foot techniques in TaeKwon Do for both blocking and striking your opponent(s). To cover all of them in this manual will be impossible; it is our intention to give you the basic techniques so you would have a better understanding. Every technique has an “intermediate” position or posture. This is critical to properly execute a technique with maximum power and speed. Every hand technique in TaeKwon Do will have a rotation or twisting motion to develop power and speed.

Kicks can be executed one at a time but are most effective in multiples. There are two methods of delivering multiple kicks: COMBINATION = multiple kicks using alternating feet (front snap kick with right foot, side piercing kick with the left foot) or CONSECUTIVE = multiple kicks using the same foot (front snap kick, side piercing kick with the right foot without setting the foot down)

When kicking, keep in mind your maximum power will be delivered when your foot is 90 degrees from your body, or even with your own waistline (middle section). Whenever you deliver a kick over your middle section, you will lose power and it will take longer to deliver, hence, jump/flying kicks are utilized to strike to the head.

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