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The purpose of this program is to give both children and adults from the community an opportunity to train in the martial art of TaeKwon-Do. By training in the martial arts a person will develop a higher level of self-confidence, build self-esteem, and learn how to accept and successfully meet new challenges, get into or stay in top physical condition, and learn an invaluable method of self-defense.

TaeKwon-Do literally translated means the “art of hand and foot fighting”. But the martial arts are much more than learning how to fight and defend yourself. TaeKwon-Do will build strong mental and physical disciplines and help develop setting goals (working for and achieving higher rank). The students will develop a better sense of self worth and this is so critical in this day and age to try to keep our children safe and out of harms way.

We emphasize to the students that TaeKwon-Do is to be used for self-defense only – no exceptions! We also emphasize the five tenets of TaeKwon-Do: courtesy, integrity, self-control, perseverance, and indomitable spirit. As the students grow in this art and gain higher rank, they will begin to realize that TaeKwon-Do can be a way of life, what they learn in the Do-Jang (gym) can be used in their everyday lives.

We also build our program on respect and attitude. Students must show respect to each other, others around them, especially their seniors, parents, and their instructors. Our intention is not to build outstanding athletes or top ranked competitors, although this is sometimes a by-product of the program, but rather outstanding individuals who believe in themselves, respect others, and want to help others and make their communities a much better place to live.

If you know of anyone who would be interested in this type of program, a family member, friend, co-worker, classmate, etc. invite them to come and attend a class or two to see if they would like to get involved. We want this program to be a community activity.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Valin at (847) 815-0898.
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